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Greek Legislation For Urban Wastewater

By 25-07-2017April 28th, 2021No Comments
  • ΚΥΑ 5673/400/1997 (Gov. Gaz. 192Β/14-3-1997) «Measures and conditions for urban wastewater treatment»
  • ΚΥΑ 805668/4225/91 (Gov. Gaz 641Β/1991) «Methods, conditions and restrictions for the use of domestic sewage sludge in agriculture»
  • Health Order E1β/221/22-1-1965 (Gov. Gaz. 138Β/24-2-65) «About the disposal of urban and industrial wastewaters» as modified according to encyclical Α5/4260/enc.62/16-4-80


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