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Supervision Control Center

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The Supervision Control Center of DEYAX Electromecanical Installations is located at the Agios Ioanis area, next to the main water supply tank of Chania city.


The building was made in 1998, especially for this case, and inside it there are installed all the equipments that are necessary, for the supervision and remote control of D.E.Y.A.X. electromecanical installations of water system and the waste water system. It has also the ability to communicate with the Supervision Control Center of the Waste Water Processing Installations.

The building has two floors. The ground floor, in which it is installed the Supervision Control Center and the basement, which is used as a warehouse for the storage of all the spare parts of the Supervision Control Installations. The total surface of the building is about 190 square meters.

There are computers (Servers and Clients), connected via an Ethernet Network and modems (Radio -wireless-, Leased Line, or Dial up modems -using lines of the Greek Telephone Company-), for the data transmission from the Local Stations and for the transmission of the commands from the Supervision Control Station to the Local Stations.

Supervision Control CenterThe computers installed, receive and store in files all the information (data) that arrive from the Local Stations, as water and waste water flows, water pressures, electrical consumptions, security or fire safety alarms, residual chlorine, minimum night water flows, e.t.c.

The data are being collected from 9 Local Stations that manage the water system, 9 Local Stations that manage the sewage collection system and 16 Local Stations that manage the water leakage control system.

The total amount of signals which the system manages are : 1666 digital (input-output) signals, 299 analog (input-output) signals and 4 serial communication ports with the chlorinators.

The installed computers in the Supervision Control Center are connected via wire Ethernet (using lines of the Greek Telephone Company) with other computers that are installed as clients at the Administration building of DEYAX, for remote control from there. Computers (clients) are installed also at the Supervision Control Center of the Waste Water Treatment Plant, for the same reason.

Supervision Control Center The personnel responsible for the Supervision Control Center, is skilled and well qualified for this job. It consists of an Electrical Engineer, who is responsible for the Supervision Control Center and five electricians who work at shifts, 24 hours per day and every day of a year.

The staff of the Supervision Control Center has a whole view of the data coming from the installations of the Local Stations from client computers which are installed for this reason in the Control Center. The data are refreshed at about every two minutes.

In case there is a problem they call the specialized for maintenance personnel, who will look after the problem as soon as possible.

All the data that are collected to the Supervision Control Center, are stored in digital files as “last price values” or “alarms”, “Hour values” and “Day values” and are storaged periodically on optical data disks (Data CDs or Data DVDs) for future use if needed.

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