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Greek Legislation For The Quality Of Drinking Water

By 25-07-2017April 28th, 2021No Comments
  • ΚΥΑ Υ2/2600/2001 (Gov. Gaz. 892Β/ 11-7-2001) «Water quality for humanj consumption» according to EU Directive 98/83 of November 3rd 1998


  • ΚΥΑ 46399/1352/1988 (Gov. Gaz. 438Β/3-7-1988) «Quality of surface waters intented for potable, quality of bathing bathing waters, quality of fresh water to support fish life, quality of shellfish waters, methods of measurement , sampling frequency and analysis of surface waters intended for potable» according to EU Directives 75/440, 76/160, 78/659, 79/923, και 79/869
  • Ηealth order Γ/761 (Gov. Gazette 189Β/ 10-4-1968) «About drinking water quality» – articles 4,5,6 no more in force since the implementation of ΚΥΑ Υ2/2600/2001
  • Health order 5673/4-12-1957 (Gov Gaz. 5Β/9-1-58) «About drinking water disinfection»


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