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Operation of the Hydraulic Simulation Model of Chania water network

By 25-07-2017April 28th, 2021No Comments

The “Hydraulic Simulation Model” of the water network, that has been materialized, is a dynamic mathematical computer simulation of Chania water pipe network, using Stoner’s Software.


The above mentioned water network simulation software can be used as an expert system for:

    • Taking rational decisions, for the extension of local and main water pipe network, locating new water tanks, building new pump stations, designing, restoring or replacing water pipe networks, evaluating the capability of the water supply network, and for further water network developing.
    • Improving the usage of water and the water pumping policy.
    • Designing the “leakage control zones” and the “reducing pressure zones”.
    • Simulating the chlorination of potable water which is related to the quality of potable water.

For the materialization of the “Hydraulic Simulation Model”, the “Strategic Hydraulic Simulation Model”, concerning the main water pipe network, the water tanks and the water pumping stations, has been made at the first place. At the second place, six other “Detailed Hydraulic Simulation SubModels”, concerning all the local water pipe networks of Chania, have been made.
Real data, of water pressure, flow and water tanks level, have been collected by the use of data loggers, for the validation of the above mentioned “Strategic Hydraulic Simulation Model” and the six “Detailed Hydraulic Simulating SubModels”. For having a valid “Hydraulic Simulation Model”, each one area, of a “Detailed Hydraulic Simulation SubModel”, has to be isolated from its adjacent, by closing all the water valves, located peripheral of this area, except these where there are flow meters for counting the inlet and the outlet water flow from the submodel to the adjacent one.


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